10 Animals You Will See on ‘Planet Earth II’

If your home backs onto a jungle or desert, then you may come across some unusual creatures. Now, even critter-starved city and suburban dwellers can get to know some not-so-ordinary friends from the animal kingdom over at Planet Earth II, premiering this weekend on Saturday, February 18 at 9/8c on BBC America.

Planet Earth changed our view of the world when first airing ten years ago. Let’s take a closer look at who we’ll be meeting in the follow-up six-part series:

1.  A Day in the Sun 

High in the Andes, Mountain Viscacha bask in the warming rays of the early morning sun.

At first glance, this cutie looks like a rabbit, but the Mountain Viscacha is actually a part of the rodent family. We’d still swoop in for a cuddle given the opportunity. Unfortunately, the chances of meeting him in person are slim — he lives high in the South American Andes. Here, we find him basking in the sun and soaking up what life has to offer.