12 Yogis Share Their Favourite Yoga Pose

For all those of you aspiring to master the art of stretching and finding your inner peace, here is a little something.  You don’t have to be a passionate yogi to reap the benefits of doing yoga. All you ought to do is include it in your daily routine. Twelve of our certified yoga coaches talk about their favourite yoga poses and how they benefit your body.

Read on and see if any of your favourite poses are mentioned below!

Abhilasha’s Pick – Camatkarasan (The Wild Thing)

This pose opens up the whole body. It makes me feel very confident, strong as well as graceful. This pose is very liberating and allows my qualities to flourish, bringing out the best in me. The Camatkarasan has the ability to strengthen one’s inner mechanism, thus being christened as ‘The Wild Thing’ in English. According to me, accepting and strengthening your original self is the best form of yoga one can practice.

The benefit that this pose offers is that it makes use of the whole body, thus making use of it in all its entirety. It cultivates willpower, confidence and self-reliance in the person who practices it regularly.