14 Pictures That Prove Yoga Pants Look Great On Any Woman

We can all probably agree that yoga pants are great. Women love them for how comfy they feel and men love ‘em for a whole other reason that has more to do with how our butts look in them, but either way, it’s a win-win. Yoga pants are a perfect solution for when you’re feeling lazy and just need to put something on. They are your best friend when working out since they’re stretchy as hell. And they’re a strong favorite when it comes to traveling because let’s be real, they’re way more comfortable than jeans. Plus, we’re pretty sure all women look good in yoga pants, and we’ve got 14 pictures that prove that!

1. Selena Gomez
Selena looks awesome no matter what she wears, so obviously she looks smashing in yoga pants. Her secret to such a great looking body is to constantly keep it guessing. She doesn’t have a set exercise routine. Instead, she mixes and matches between dancing, hiking, doing pilates and spinning. That way she doesn’t get bored of doing the same type of exercise all the time and is much less likely to skip a day of exercising.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 01