19 Crazy Things That Are Normal In Dubai

19 Things That Probably Only Happen in Dubai

Dubai is the city of luxury, the world of kings. This amazingly beautiful city is the city of its own. This heaven desert holds records for tallest buildings, sophisticated police cars, largest shopping malls, gold ATM machines, the world’s one and only seven star hotel and many more. If you decide to visit Dubai know that this city is a city of wonder, city of rich and heavenly paradise. People in Dubai love to show their royal touch. Find below to know the 19 amazing things that happens only in Dubai.

1. Fun with pet cheetah

Dubai people drives with their pet…Cheetah. Interesting, isn’t it? Every rich fellow in Dubai loves to keep cheetah as their pet.

2. Supercar traffic jams

Traffic jam….not of normal cars, they are supercars honey. The streets of Dubai are filled with Lamborghini and Luxembourg.

3. Lion on a yatch

Their another pet Lion gets a perfect relaxation on yatch.

4. Camels on parking place

Dubai people park their camels along with the cars

5. Horsepower Hugh bikes

They ride on horsepower bikes

6. Even police drives supercars

The police of Dubai rides Lamborghini. Even police don’t run after criminal otherwise, they run in style.

7. Gold mobile phones

They have so much money..They buy gold mobile phones which worth more than an apartment in Boston

8. Gold ATM machine

They use gold ATM machine to withdraw gold

9. Royal and giant bathroom

The bathrooms are more giant than their apartment. Whenever you get a chance to visit Dubai treat yourself royal in these luxury bathrooms.

10. Food for poor

They provide food for free to the needy ones. And the needy people are so generous they take only one food per person. That’s called discipline.

11. Tennis court as tall as a building

Find high rise tennis court here. Don’t be scared of the height.

12. Royal starbucks

The starbucks shop are more than just a coffee shop. They are the symbol of royal treat, antique show off and grand experience.

13. No western clothes..

If you wear western clothes, you will certainly be a center of attraction. So don’t carry your bikini and mini skirt when you pack for Dubai vacation.

14. Helicopter delivery system

The supercar gets delivered in a helicopter. So don’t get surprised if you find helicopters doing their jobs in Dubai.

15. Search for groom in style

People search for groom by advertising in a newspaper. This is a very unique style for searching a groom which you rarely find in other cities.

16. Breathtaking scenes from every room

Find breathtaking views of the city from each and every apartment

17. Follow the rule..Will you?

There are stick rules of this city and you have to follow it strictly wherever you go.

18. A perfect morning

Dubai people love to go on a yatch every morning to start off their day.

19. 7 star hotel luxury

Go shopping and dining in the world’s only 7 star hotel.