238 Congressmen Now Forced To Cancel Town Halls Across Country


After Chaffetz heard shouts of “Do Your Job!”, many in the GOP are cancelling their Town Hall Meetings, doing them via social media….or not planning them at all.

Once again we are seeing the ability of the American people to simply gather together and talking being diminished or simply erased from the agenda. Congressional members are going to their home districts this week, but unlike past years, something is drastically different this time. The difference is that instead of seeing the left shout down, burn down, and beat down anyone who comes to hear a man speak, such as was seen by the vile left at the Milo event in California, Republicans are hiding from constituents who are tired of seeing the Trump agenda slowed even more by the GOP of which he is a member.

When crowds in Salt Lake City began to chant, “DO YOUR JOB” to Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, members of the Republican Party took note and rather than changing their ways and listening to the people who voted for them, they are digging into the earth like moles and hiding. Also noticed is that many on the left are attacking those on the right, but instead of standing their ground and allowing the debate to happen, GOP members are hiding because the left won’t talk; they yell. They burn things down and they demand an agenda that the American voter has not only rejected, but rejected via the biggest Electoral College win since Ronald Reagan.


By replacing discourse with malice and shout downs, we may be making it so that Congress members hide behind computer screens.

Some have chosen to duck and cover behind a computer screen and conduct their Town Hall Meetings on social media platforms like Facebook where they can moderate the talk more easily. Sen. John Thune has scheduled no Town Hall Meetings despite a reputation for having used them frequently in the past. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin is still holding them, which is interesting because if anyone, he has been the great idea factory of the GOP when it comes to things like Trump’s Wall.

Just the same, Republicans held 222 Town Halls in 2015 and according to Vice, only about 88 (the numbers may flux a bit by post date) are to be done this year. Rep. Mark Sanford of South Carolina has said that he feels that he thinks it to be “important, particularly getting out of space you control and getting into space that’s neutral.” He added that “What happens in politics is that over time, you can get increasingly insulated from people that have a strongly held point of view that’s different [from yours].” He feels very strongly that the safety of hiding behind a screen simply does not convey the same dedication or profit towards needed debate.


When Black Lives Matter took Bernie’s mic, it humiliated him to a point that he never recovered from it.

A lot of the facts are also ignored by Vice in that they do not pay attention to the known George Soros ties to many groups and the organized and paid for “fury” that is nothing but purchased, having no grassroots tangibility.  The truth is that while the leftists and Democrats do not want to hear it, the money trail shows clearly that Spicer was right when he said the vagina hats and poorly spelled protest signs are “a very paid, AstroTurf-type movement.

While it may be mildly funny to watch the left dither about and constituents of the GOP run for cover from both the left and the right, this is solving nothing. Making those that we have elected curl up behind the safe spaces of a computer screen is not going to move anyone in the direction of progress. When we elect a man or women to a political post, we expect them to be held accountable. For that matter, if we have voted for someone and they lost, all Americans have the right to talk to their leaders about what they want and expect from whoever did win.


Unless it changes, no Oklahoma Congress members are going to be giving Town Halls Meetings.

However, when we create an atmosphere that makes it so that everyone is just yelling, trying to capture a You Tube video to cash on scandal clicks, or to simply “look hard” for whatever movement is complaining this week, then we make it so that our elected officials can be forgiven for taking cover, at that point. If speakers are going to be threatened, attacked, become a victim of arson, or see violence flare up, then no one is going to want to come and speak.

The off the cuff “solution” to this would be to simply elect someone else who will show up and talk, but that idea merely looks good on paper, because regardless of what party wins or who the person is, abuse will be a deal stopper. Violence, threats towards the family, personal attacks, and things like Molotov cocktails being hurled by ANTIFA idiots who would not know a fascist if they marched up and penciled in a Hitler mustache upon their faces will never make those who lead us eager to show to any speaking event.


If arson and things like what Milo saw happen when speakers come, less and less of them will show up when needed.

While most politicians are used to a fair amount of verbal abuse, the level that has risen since president Donald Trump splashed onto the campaign trail before his victory over Hillary Clinton took things to a new plateau. When people are given money or even encouragement to attack either a speaker at the podium or the people in the crowd, this becomes more than a protest. While some will argue that most attacks are really just words, how many people are going to be called words that can not be typed without adding “#” and “*” over certain f***ing letters before the politicians – no matter how dedicated they are to their job – stop coming?

This means that while Russia and China have weapons pointed at us, while ISIS is still promising to lob off heads as a matter of daily function, and while Iran continues to build a nuclear bomb factory posed as a power plant, the biggest and most horrendous problem in Donald Trump’s (or Hillary Clinton’s, since she is not new to the scene) America is what has happened in terms of our division as a people. With this in mind, is it any wonder that most of us can no longer shut off our cell phones long enough to eat dinner with someone or to watch a movie?

They are just hiding in that safe space. Still, that safe space shouldn’t be Congress.