5 Natural Ways to Prevent Diabetes

Top 5 Natural Way To Reverse Diabetes

So you just found out that you have diabetes. You feel like your world has ended. You fear of endless insulin and medicines you have to deal with. More than that you fear of ending your life. Yes, you should take major precautions once you get encountered with diabetes as this is a life threatening disease. You can even have to amputate your leg or hand if your sugar level gets uncontrolled. But it doesn’t mean that diabetes cannot be cured or reversed. Diabetes can be kept under control with a balanced diet, exercise, healthy lifestyle and positive attitude. Here are 5 natural ways to reverse diabetes and move one step closer to a healthy living.

1. Cut down sugar and carbohydrates

Make an habit of avoiding white sugar and carbohydrates. These white products are highly dangerous as it increases the level of blood sugar rapidly. Eat brown rice instead of white rice. Replace your milk tea and coffee with green tea. Avoid junk foods, pastries, pastas, sweets and white bread or if you can’t avoid it completely you can eat in moderation. Although this is not just the solution to cure diabetes but a healthy eating habit surely marks the difference.

2. Include fiber in your diet

The key to fight with diabetes is incorporating a healthy diet and making healthy changes to your diet. Make an habit of eating foods that are rich in fiber like cabbages, carrot, kale, asparagus etc. Vegetables are rich in fiber and they also supply your body with healthy vitamins and minerals. Eat a balanced diet every day. Fiber rich food increases absorption of food allowing minimal sugar to release in blood.

3. Exercise regularly

Although you may be able to reduce your blood sugar by incorporating healthy diet. You will get long term success only if you keep your weight under control and exercise regularly. Being overweight and lazy itself invites many health problems. Exercise mobilizes the muscles and increase its ability to use insulin. A research according to McMaster University has shown that small high intensity exercise are more effective in lowering blood sugar than moderate exercise. Excessive overweight people are 50% more likely to get diabetes than healthy people.

4. Keep your stress level under control

Stress raises cortisol level in your blood. This type of hormonal imbalance leads to sudden rise in blood sugar level. Get proper sleep at night, lower your stress level at work, work on your emotional life, eat balanced diet, meditate and develop positive attitude towards life. Taking stress will only suppress insulin production in your body.

5. Seek medical attention regularly

In order to keep your blood sugar level under control you need to seek medical checkup regularly. There are various useful tools that helps in regulating sugar level. Consult dietician about what foods you can eat and what are the foods to avoid. You can even research online about different healthy recipes you can try to fight with diabetes.