Senate Abolishes Obama’s Gun Law By Majority Vote

Under his presidency, Obama did a terrible job by bringing in unnecessary rules and regulations designed to strip American citizens of their Constitutional rights. And as you know, his main target was the Second Amendment, which allows American citizens to arm themselves.

His presidency included executive orders that stopped people from buying guns, however, Trump changed that within the first days. First, the House voted to overturn this measure, sending it to the senate.

And now, the Senate has officially overturned this regulation, as they voted 57-43 to stop the regulation in its tracks. Now, since both, the House and the Senate have overturned this regulation, it will be sent to President Trump’s office, where he is expected to sign it and overturn it forever!

This Obama regulation targeted people that were receiving Social Security disability benefits.  His regulation stated that if those people were receiving those benefits, then they were not able to purchase a gun for themselves.

If those people were on the list, the Social Security Administration had to report them, as well as others that have a mental health condition, to the FBI’s background check system.

This Obama-era rule was implemented by his administration just after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

However, another Obama legislation is gone.

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