6 Little White Lies That Can Help You Buy a House

8Buying your home is a dream of every person. When you find a home that melts your heart you might think that honesty is the best policy while dealing with the seller. Often honesty can cause you more harm than good. Buying a home in a good deal is often a poker game, you have to deal with every possible negotiation, mind game, play, and tricks.

We are not saying you to tell a lie in every sentence or lie about things you cannot fulfill later on. We are just telling you to play some mind games so that the ball spins in your court. Here are six little lies that can help you win the game over the seller.

Lie No 1. I will be moving in by “X” date

Instead of saying I am homeless and needs a home by x date, you can start the conversation by saying I want to move in by “x” date and ask if it’s possible for the seller. The later approach sounds more confidence and positive. If you nag around the seller, he might lose interest selling the house to you.

Lie No 2. We have already made every possible effort to finance this home

Don’t say ” I hope we can afford this house.” Instead of sound confident and say we have arranged all the possible financial solutions. After all, you don’t want to scare your seller right off. If the seller plants doubt in his/her mind that you cannot afford the house, he might not sell the house to you.

Lie No 3. We are very excited about buying this house

When you mean we can do anything to buy this house, say we are very much excited about doing this deal. Seller will be very much flattered and keen to sell you the house with this kind of approach. If the seller finds out that you love the hose so much you can do anything to buy it, he/she might just increase the worth value of the house or might refuse to negotiate.

Lie No 4. We are not sure of the top offer we can offer you

Don’t straightaway say that I am ready to pay x amount of money for this house. Sometimes the seller might have offer low below what you want to offer. Let him make the offer and take the conversation from there. It will be a lot easy to negotiate afterward with this approach. Even if the house has all the keen facilities you are looking for, swimming pool, walking distance to your work place and schools, perfect location, and arrangement, don’t let the seller know these are your foremost priorities.

Lie No 5: We are looking other house as well that has the exact requirements we are looking for

Instead of saying that this is the only house that meets our requirements, say you are observing other possible options as well. Seller set the price of the house according to the competition, so don’t rush in a hurry dictating the features you love about the house. Play some mind game and let the seller know that this is not only the option you are seeking for. Otherwise, you have to buy the house at whatever price the seller sets.

Lie No 6. We would like to ask few more questions

Instead of getting your feet cold and expressing your keen interest in your face, plant some doubts in the seller mind. Let the seller know that you have some more questions regarding the deal. Getting nervous and accepting his/her terms and conditions straightaway will only make you inferior. After all, you are the one who is investing Hugh sum of money in that house.