8 Best Destinations in the World – Travelers’ Choice

The world is very big. You are not born to die in a single country. Yet it can be very challenging for travelers around there to choose a perfect vacation spot. It is a experience of a lifetime so you don’t want to let confusions drop you down. Here we have list 8 must see vacations spot to visit before you die.


When it comes to southeast Asia, Thailand is the most talked about tourist destination. You can find almost everything here from exotic dinner to beautiful beach, from dense forest to modern luxury i.e. also in a reasonable price. Enjoy summer in Pataya beach or explore nature in Chiang Mai. You will never be bored with that the country has to offer. Plus the country is very affordable and still has all high class luxury. Go shopping in the biggest mall or get sun tanned in the beach, you will love the Thailand experience.


With more than 60 islands, eye catching beach and historic monuments, Greece is certainly one of the most popular vacation spot in the world. Visit the great Mount Athos, explore ancient Sparta beautiful landscape or relax in Lindos beach, Greece has everything to offer to every individual.

France, Paris

Get a complete lifetime experience on the thrilling Eiffel Tower. Roam around sidewalk cafe, relax around Arc de Trionphe and enjoy exotic dinner at Louvre. Paris is a perfect family holiday destination that holds every historical, cultural and modern elements.

Tokyo, Japan

Explore ancient temples in this modern city. Tokyo is the city where pop culture collides with ancient culture. Catch the fish auction live at the Tsukiji market, walk around the East garden on Imperial palace and learn about Japanese history at Edo Museum. And who can forget to eat the delicious udon noodles, sushi and wagashi (a Japanese traditional sweet).

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Mexico, as a whole, is a country for made for tourist. Playa del Carmen is a resort town located along the Yucat√°n Peninsula’s. It is famous for activities like golf playing, horse riding, wildlife exploration, hiking, sunbathing, banana boat, skiing, tubing, fishing boating etc. And who can miss zip lining in the famous Xplor park. You can also find high class restaurants, night clubs and hotels around the sea shore.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is the city of colors, bridges and canals. The must visit places on the list includes world’s one and only floating flower market, Gogh Museum and the popular Anne Frank House. Also don’t forget to stay under a houseboat whenever you get a chance to visit Amsterdam.

Rome, Italy

As said “Rome was not build in a day” you cannot feel the city in a day. You will have to plan a much longer vacation to explore this fascinating city. From famous Italian pizza to open markets and fresh pasta you can enjoy every memorable meal here. Get lost in Trevi fountain, shop at Via Veneto or take some memorable snaps at Italian colosseum.


The city of water bubble and spring offers romantic bath ponds, 118 different springs and water holes. Over 15 million gallon water sprinkles daily to these springs and bath ponds. The famous Gellert Baths resembles traditional ottoman architecture. Budapest is also known as the “Queen of Danube”. Explore the culture, history and beauty of this famous historical place and don’t forget to roam around statue park, Aquincum museum and 300 foot St. Stephen’s Basilica.

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