9-Year-Old With Prosthetic Earns Black Belt In Taekwondo, Proving You Can Do Anything

When knocked down by life, most people stay on the ground rather than get back up and fight. To give up, of course, is ultimately easier than trying to create new opportunities and exceed preconceived limitations, but it yields far fewer rewards than the other option. For this reason, we can only commend a 9-year-old named Toby King who recently obtained his black belt in Taekwondo despite having a prosthetic.

When Toby was one-years-old, he had his leg removed below the knee due to a condition called fibular hemimelia. Some may have thought he’d never partake in sports, the but the ambitious youngster persevered so he could learn the Korean martial arts.

Earlier this week, Toby received his black belt and was enthused about the achievement. According to his mom, he’s gone through many ups and downs. For instance, some days, his prosthetic hurts him to the point where he can barely walk. However, his persistence has yielded great results.

His example is a reminder that one can accomplish whatever they set their mind to if they only apply themselves and work hard. Following is a video of the 9-year-old in action:

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