Check Out 8 Best Tourist Destination In US

8 Must See Vacations Spots In US

Are you a travelling freak? If so check out the 8 amazing places in America that should be on your bucket list. They are perfect location for American busy bee that don’t have time to plan a abroad holiday but still wants a small memorable vacation. Do you want to escape somewhere from the daily busy life? Who says there is no great holiday destination inside United states? That’s just a myth. Check them to feel them, know them and explore them.

Ocean City, New Jersey

Ocean City, New Jersey is America’s greatest resort and a fun valley. Ocean city is the perfect place in America to relax on the beach, enjoy boardwalk and enjoy a wonderful vacation. The relaxing environment, perfect hotels and fine dining restaurants adds more magic to the city. If you are looking for some gambling, drive 11 miles to Atlantic city and enjoy full gambling game.

Kissimmee, Florida

If you are looking for a perfect place to enjoy vacation with your family you ought to visit Kissimmee Florida. It is very close to theme parks and entertainment centers like universal studios, Disney world and sea world. Moreover there are lots of options for scuba diving, zip lining, swamp swarming and others.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is a desert lying in the eastern side of Arizona. Are you interested in exploring deserts, climbing peaks, rafting and exploring nightlife. Well Scottsdale is the place where you should be. This famous tourist destination is also known for spas, golf course, resorts and other recreational activities.

Cape cod, Massachusetts

This hook shaped peninsula is the popular summer vacation destination lying in the vineyard of Massachusetts. Cape cod has more than 40 golf course. It is a paradise for golf lovers and adventurers. The location is perfect for boating, fishing rafting and kayaking.

Marblemount, Washington

This place is quiet, peaceful, scenic and relaxing. Thus Marblemount makes a perfect destination for someone looking to engulf in a scenic yet peaceful environment, rather say in the lap of nature. Also known as the paradise of nature this place holds secrets to many adventurous activities.

Aspen, Colorado

This beautiful city is located in the heart of National Forest making it a perfect destination for nature lovers. Aspen is surrounded by Elk mountain and holds secrets to wonderful ski experiences.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Known as the “Golf Capital of the world” Myrtle beach features more than 260 golf courses. This beach is famous for celebrity designed golf course, broad walkways alongside the beach and old fashioned restaurants. Also be prepared to have an adventure ride on the city tallest Ferris wheel. This is one of the most popular summer destination in the east line.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Filled with mountains Gatinburg is gateway to 50,000 acre Smoky Mountain National Park. This is an ideal location for couples to walk hand in hand exploring the national park, mountains, ski resorts, amusement park, cable car, space observational tower, sky lift and a fun holiday experience.