Are You Bored With Your Normal Perspective?

Have you ever wished for eyes behind your head? For a way to see over walls and under fences? Well, now you can. Be forewarned, though, that it”s not exactly stealthy.

See what your neighbors are really up to.

Juste Kostikovaite was fascinated by all the ways we don”t see, such as from viewpoints high above our heads and far below them, as well as what”s going on behind us. Her fascination led her to create the Eyeteleporter, a personal periscope made of cardboard and mirrors that can be adjusted so the wearer can see in three different ways that nature never intended. So if you”ve ever wished to know what the world looks like to someone who”s seven feet tall, or what you”d see if you were bellybutton-height, or what the world would look like both upside down and backward, this is the item for you.