Behold the consequences of the left’s incessant efforts to vilify Donald Trump. After months of the mainstream media and progressives telling us that the president-elect is an evil man who hates women, minorities, Muslims, Jews, immigrants, and everyone else they can think of, someone with more than a few screws loose has tried to assassinate him. Now, one man is dead.

However, the crazed suspect killed the wrong guy. There is a man who will never again return home to his family because some basket case felt compelled to shoot a random UPS driver, believing whole-heartedly that he was Donald Trump.

According to Daily Caller, a man who is obviously insane has been charged with second-degree murder after fatally shooting a UPS driver whom he believed to be Donald Trump in an attempt to assassinate the president-elect. Thirty-eight-year-old Justin Barkley, from Ithaca, New York, shot William Schumacher to death in a Walmart parking lot on December 8. Barkley’s legal defense is to claim that he believed he was “brutally killing President-elect Donald Trump instead.”

“I shot and killed Donald Trump purposely, intentionally, and very proudly,” Barkley said at his arraignment hearing on Monday, during which he entered a guilty plea.

Justin Barkley, 38 (Source: Ithaca Journal)

The Libertarian Republic reported:

He indicated he knew the difference between killing a person he thought was Trump and Trump himself, but suggested he still thought Trump was dead. When asked whether he could be convinced otherwise, Barkley replied, “I hope not.”

The judge refused Barkley’s guilty plea and ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether he is fit to stand trial. If he does stand trial and is convicted, he faces 25 years to life in prison.

Look, libtards, this one is on you. While Barkley is responsible for his own actions, you should know that your rhetoric helped inspire a mentally ill man to kill someone. Ever since Donald Trump began saying necessary and politically incorrect things that made you uncomfortable, there have been calls for his murder. So much for free speech.

 Now, a very confused man has actually taken a life. You can bet that he would never have been out hunting “Donald Trump” if not for the media witch hunt targeting the president-elect and the ill-founded claims by the left that he is a racist, a misogynist, a xenophobe, and a million other things. Way to go, liberals!