Ben Carson On Why Corrupt Hillary Must Be Punished

Dr. Ben Carson was watching the football game at his med school alma mater in the great state of Michigan that has been destroyed by the political establishment’s failed policies.

Ben used the occasion to deploy some truth bombs about the election and what the state of Michigan needs. Said Carson, “I think a lot of people are starting to recognize that this election is not about Democrats and Republicans.

He added, “This is about the political ruling class and their minions in the media and the people. And as more people realize that, I think you’re going to see them abandoning the party loyalty and start thinking about their children in America,:

When asked about Trump’s chances in Michigan, Carson said, “I think they’re actually pretty good. Because having grown up here one thing I know about Michigan is that there are a lot of people here with common sense.”

It doesn’t take a genius like Ben Carson to see what a disastrous President Hillary Clinton will make. Will you stand with Ben Carson and his candidate Donald Trump and help them save the state of Michigan?