Berlin Christmas market terror attack survivors will be denied compensation

Victims of the Berlin terror attack trying to put their lives back together again will be denied compensation under German law.

A clause in Germany’s Act on the Compensation of Victims has a specific ban on payments to victims involved in a road based-attacks.

The family of the truck driver Lukasz Urban will be compensated, but only because he was stabbed and shot rather than run over.

Paragraph 1 (11) of the act reads: “This law shall not apply to damage resulting from a physical attack caused by an attacker by the use of a motor vehicle or a trailer.”

Local lawyer Roland Weber said there was a “fatal gap” in the system “that the victims and relatives of the victims of this terrorist attack can not be helped in the necessary way.”

Mr Weber told the Berliner Morgenpost: “This shows very clearly how absurd this law is at this point.”

Amir killed 12 people and injured more than 50 others when he rammed into a Christmas market on Monday December 19.