Bill Kristol Chooses Deep State Over Trump Administration

If nothing else good comes of the Trump revolution, though we believe there will, at least we know who is and isn’t truly representing conservative values in media. Bill Kristol certainly doesn’t fall into the pro-America category.

Breitbart has this to say:

Foreign-policy hawk Bill Kristol Tweeted out his preference for a political victory by “the deep state” above the nation’s laws and over President Donald Trump’s voters and policies, amid an increasing furor over the forced resignation of Gen. Mike Flynn.


Here Kristol expresses his alliance with the “Deep State.”

Coming after Flynn’s departure, Kristol’s Tweet indicates his support for the semi-hidden — and potentially illegal — actions by government officials who helped push out Flynn by taping and leaking his private calls with the Russian ambassador.


So much for a Constitutional, representative republic, eh comrade?

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