Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Peace Prize for Literature? His Response


bob-dylanAs they say, the dust has settled, and apparently there was no mistake, and it was not a joke or some type of typographical error. The Nobel Peace Prize for Literature has gone to Bob Dylan. Now, wait a minute. At least John Lennon wrote two books – I am not sure if Bob Dylan has written any- although I will have to check.

I have been to Stockholm Sweden, and I have been to Gamla Stan, and I have actually seen the room where they award these prizes. I have actually nominated someone for the Nobel Prize – I guess anybody can do it- if you have some paper and an air mail stamp.

But Bob Dylan? For Literature? I wonder what Steven King was doing when he heard this. I have no idea what the Nobel Prize Committee was thinking when they awarded this prize to him. I don’t do a lot of reading of great literature, and I do enjoy a John Irving novel, and I do appreciate the work of Daniel Silva – but surely there has to be other more deserving people than Bob Dylan, who is, let’s face it, a musician- and a song writer-sure – but the Nobel Prize for Literature?

There simply are so many other writers – male, female of so many different genre’s that one goes into shock hearing about this travesty. Dan Brown? Perhaps —he has written a few good books – nothing earth shattering, by any stretch of the imagination. J.K. Rowling perhaps deserves some recognition for getting kids reading again, but I am pretty sure she does not rate the Nobel Prize for Literature. Hunger Games? Please – give me a break.  Fifty Shades of Gray? No Way!

There is literature and there is good literature and there is literature that will stand the test of time and be read long after I have been cremated. James Patterson? Nice guy – and I enjoy reading some of his stuff while waiting in some airport lounge. But Nobel Prize? I don’t think so.

Anyway, back to my original question-What were these people thinking? Perhaps they were not thinking. Then again, did they not award Barack Obama the Nobel Prize for Peace? I wonder. What could they have been thinking then?

I do not consider myself an expert on literature by any stretch of the imagination. But I have serious doubts about him getting this award. Just my opinion.