BOOM! Sean Spicer Highlights All the Clinton-Russia Connections (VIDEO)


White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer hit back at the media on Friday when they continued to ask questions about the unproven connections between President Trump and Russia.

NTK Network reported:

“When you talk about connections to Russia, the only connection that anyone’s made with President Trump is multiple years ago he hosted a pageant there, and he owns condos around the world and some of them were sold to some Russians,” Spicer said.

“When you talk about the other side, you have a Secretary of State that was selling a fifth of our country’s uranium,” Spicer began. “You have a Clinton Foundation, concern with some of the donations they got. You’ve got the former President, her husband, giving paid speeches, getting a personal call from Vladimir Putin.”

The media is not going to let this go until the Trump administration learns how to control the narrative which is to quickly point of the hypocrisy of the left and show how they’re the ones that are usually guilty of whatever they’re accusing others of.

Spicer’s comments are exactly what is needed to shut down the media’s false narrative.

Why isn’t the media bringing up Hillary’s corruption?

(Image: YouTube Photo)

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