BREAKING: Clinton wanted TOKEN BLACK PERSON to win the black vote

Black vote

No one panders better than Hillary Clinton. Especially when it comes to campaigning for the black vote.

Remember, this is the same woman who claimed to carry around a bottle of hot sauce in her purse when she appeared on a hip-hop radio show in April. That story didn’t fly with black voters then,and they sure won’t be happy to hear the Clinton campaign has been playing them all along.

The latest batch of WikiLeaks emails reveals the Clinton campaign was concerned about securing the black vote. They admit black voters felt ignored by Hillary and may not come out to vote for her. In response, the campaign suggested to John Podesta that they find a token black person to serve as a vice-chair or senior advisor to convince black voters that Hillary cared for them.

Here’s the email, which can be seen in full by clicking here.

black vote

In response, John Podesta said he would “get on it.”

Anyone still think Hillary actually cares about minorities?

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