BREAKING: Congress REOPENS Clinton’s Email Case

After seeing the results of the first FBI investigation into presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton’s, email snafu, it is mind boggling to try and comprehend what legal and political wrangling must have happened behind the scenes for FBI Director James Comey to reach the conclusions he did.

For him to find Ms. Clinton to be extremely irresponsible in her handling of sensitive classified documents in such a lackadaisical manner and yet still recommend that she shouldn’t be charged with criminal negligence leaves one scratching his head and utterly confounded. Any other person would have been dragged through the streets and horsewhipped, metaphorically, by the news media.

Now the controversial ’email’ investigation has been reopened by Rep. Trey Gowdy and he isn’t about to give immunity to FBI director, James Comey, for his role in letting Hillary skate even though Comey  has requested it.

A new video posted on Youtube by C-SPAN gives us the details:

We would definitely like to see representative Gowdy get to the bottom of the classified email mess and identify all those responsible so we can prosecute them. Indeed, at this point, it has become a national disgrace that there seems to have been a conspiracy to cover up perceived wrong doings by Hillary and her personal aides with the help of the mainstream media. If this is true, the media needs to be held criminally and financially liable for their part in it along with Hillary, the FBI director and anyone else involved. We’ll just have to wait and see what may or may not come of this investigation.

Source: Yes I’m Right