BREAKING: Customs Agents Ignore Judge’s Order!

According to the newest reports from The NY Post, customs Agents are enforcing President Trump’s travel ban, ignoring the order of the judge.

The ACLU has received several reports that federal customs agents are siding with the President and willfully ignoring the demand of the Brooklyn federal judge which clearly says that travelers from seven Muslim countries not be deported from the nation’s airports.

The director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights project, Omar Jadwat, told The Post late Saturday the the court order couldn’t be made clearer and that they need to comply with that same order for things to go smoothly and to avoid chaos.

Jadwat stated in one of the reports that the situation is enough to become a serious concern on a national level.

Jadwat along with other ACLU lawyers won an emergency stay of Trump’s deportation order, earlier this Saturday night. The emergency stay was given to them by Brooklyn Federal Judge Ann Donnelly.

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