BREAKING! Elizabeth Warren has meltdown after being booted from the Senate floor

Senator Elizabeth Warren was recently booted off the Senate floor for making a few comments insulting the Senator Jeff Sessions, which violates a Senate Rule.

Warren used the letter of Coretta Scott King as an excuse to bash Senator Sessions and calling him a “disgrace” on top of everything. Mitch McConell the Senate Majority warned Warren to stop her insults towards Sessions, but Warren shamelessly ignored McConnell’s warnings and for that, she was booted off.




After she got booted off the Senate floor, Warren took her frustration and anger to Twitter. It was pretty clear that the decision of the Senate shocked and upset her.

We don’t know what kind of scheme she tried to pull off, but she should clearly know her rules. According to the Senate’s “rule 19”, a Senator can’t directly or indirectly impute another Senator.

If you ask us, the Senate did the right thing silencing her. If Democrats can’t control their emotions when it comes to politics, they shouldn’t even speak as we all know that they’re just going to place the blame on everyone else. Do you agree that the Senate made the right call on Warren for silencing her?

Share this article and spread the word so everyone can know what kind of “childish” behavior is being used in the Senate. If someone can’t handle their emotions and responsibilities as an adult, they shouldn’t be there at all.