BREAKING: France foils terrorist attack planned for New Year’s Eve

France has stopped a planned New Year’s Eve terrorist attack, according to a Reuters report.

The news didn’t seem to matter to the mainstream media here in America, because it was not reported stateside. Such raids, however, have become a way of life in France. According to Pamela Geller, ISIS has called on followers to attack Christians and westerners during the holiday season.  Numerous terror plots have been broken up in France and throughout Europe in recent months. The planned France terror attack would have taken place on New Year’s Eve. Last year, Muslims in Germany went on a violent spree during the holiday, sexually assaulting dozens of women celebrating the new year.

Perhaps the most disturbing revelation is that the government is monitoring HUNDREDS of radical Islamists in the country. With those types of numbers, it may only be a matter of time before law enforcement misses something. There are just too many Muslim radicals to keep track of.

Breitbart provides more details on the foiled France terror attack.

Three radical Islamists have been arrested in two separate counter-terrorism raids in southwestern France, one on suspicion of plotting a New Year’s Eve terror attack.

The counter-terrorism raids were conducted on Monday and Tuesday night in the department of Haute-Garonne, south-west France, a region where several hundred radical Islamists are being monitored. The two operations are indicative of the level of eminent threat anticipated by French security agencies, reports La Dépêche.

The first raid in Toulouse resulted in the arrests of two men, aged 42, on suspicion of plotting attacks against police officers. Both were identified as radical Islamists and one profiled as a potential suicide bomber. Small arms and light weapons were also seized. Le Figaro reports the men were illegal migrants.

The second raid in Cugnaux, 10 miles south-west of Toulouse, resulted in the arrest of a 30-year-old man. The suspect “is known to [police] services, he is suspected of wanting to carry out an attack on Dec 31,” a police source told Reuters.

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