BREAKING: RNC Meeting to REPLACE Trump As Nominee

iBREAKING: RNC Meeting to REPLACE Trump As Nominee – His Replacement Is…

GOP hopeful Donald Trump has found himself in a tight spot after the leak of an audio recording showing how he uses inappropriate and vulgar verbs about women. Ever since that moment, there has been a rapid backlash against the Republican candidate, and he has compromised his presidential ambitions.VIA MRC

The GOP establishment has been against Trump from the beginning, and now they have finally seen an opportunity to try and take him down for good.

The fallout from the Trump video is getting worse. Mark Halperin of Bloomberg is now reporting that major GOP donors are dumping their support of Donald Trump and seeking a new GOP candidate for the race. RNC officials are allegedly meeting to discuss the future of the candidacy (RNC lackey Sean Spicerdenies this) and there are reports that a meeting has been taking place at Trump Tower as well.

It’s not a pretty day for the GOP candidate, who is facing a backlash that no one seems to have predicted. You know. No one except us here at RedState (and a few others), anyway.

What comes next is an absolute mystery. This is uncharted water. As Sunday’s debate grows closer, the Trump camp is in serious trouble and has nowhere to go but down.

It becomes increasingly worse when you start to understand that it is still the beginning of October, and Clinton’s Campaign surely has much more data that should be released.

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