California: Trump Accused of Inflicting Depression OnIllegal Immigrants

“Advocates, educators, and mental health providers” are stating that President-elect Donald Trump is triggering mental health problems for young people in California. They say Californian youth are distressed by Trump’s policies concerning illegal immigration, and that they feel aimed at by “hate crimes” ascribed — rightly or wrongly — to Trump’s backers.

 “Around the country, children and adolescents who are undocumented immigrants or who have undocumented family members, are experiencing a surge in stress, depression, and anxiety, according to advocates, educators, and mental health providers. The same is true for young people belonging to other groups targeted by threats or hate crimes, including Muslim and transgender youth,” reports Jocelyn Wiener of Kaiser Health News, via the East Bay Times.
 However, both Wiener and the “advocates” provided no definite proof.

She admits that thus far, accounts of mental health concerns remain mainly anecdotal. Nevertheless, she cites a professor at Stanford University — an admittedly anti-Trump academic named Keith Humphreys, whose political views she refuses to reveal — who tells readers that “African-Americans, Jews, Muslims, Latinos, and women and victims of sexual assault” are now, thanks to Trump’s triumph and the “hateful rhetoric” accredited thereto, “uncertain whom they can trust.”

Wiener also features the “fake news” assertion that “During his campaign, Donald Trump announced plans to create a Muslim registry.” Trump never made that suggestion, which was completely created by the mainstream media out of its own authoritarian illusions in an attempt to assist Trump’s political adversaries.

If such nightmares plague the youth of California, the culpability rests with Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media, which propagated doomsday scenarios about what might happen if Trump succeeded, and only magnified the panic after Election Day.

Responsible “advocates, educators, and mental health providers” should explain to the youth— particularly immigrants — the significance of elections, the benefit of political tolerance, and the validity of democratic opposition.