CBS Blatantly LIES About Statue of Liberty Being MUSLIM Woman

CBSN has recently put out a video, claiming that the Statue of Liberty was originally intended to be a Muslim woman:

“Well it turns out that one of the most potent symbols of American freedom began life as a Muslim woman. That’s according to researchers who say that the Statue of Liberty was originally intended to represent an Egyptian peasant.”

Oh, and here I thought it was supposed to represent the Roman Goddess of Freedom, Libertas:

But wait! Let’s see what CBSN has to say, because they are, after all, “real news,” right guys?

“The sculptor, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, of France, planned for his work to guard the entrance of the Suez canal, but when he was unable to sell his idea to Egypt, he journeyed to America…and transformed her into the Roman goddess of liberty!”

Oh, that makes sense! Except that there’s no citation for these supposed “researchers,” and this just so happens to be coming out as Trump’s temporary immigration ban is being put into play.

Unfortunately for you, CBSN, people aren’t as stupid as you think they are—in fact, there’s been a recent backlash on Twitter citing this as obvious propaganda:

@rebeccaballhaus On CBS? The same org that’s running a fake story re: original Statue of Liberty was meant 2b Muslim woman? Sounds legit.

— VOCRadio w Rob & Doc (@VOCRadioRobDoc) February 5, 2017

@AndrewQuackson @CBSNews what wonderful timing. The statue of Liberty all of a sudden was supposed to be Muslim. Peak propaganda.

— James Earl Cash (@JamesEarlCash77) February 5, 2017

LATEST LIBERAL LIE: Statue of Liberty is Modeled After Cloaked Muslim Woman

— Deploribles Oh Baby (@MoberlyG) February 5, 2017

The video, featured on YouTube, has only 59 likes, and a whopping 223 dislikes (at the time of writing this), putting their ratio at a dismal 26% approval rating. Oh, but don’t you worry, CBSN! The public still buys it!