“CLEAN THIS UP:” Cheryl Mills COVERED-UP Obama’s Lie Over Hillary Emails

The latest batch of John Podesta emails from Wikileaks includes a startling revelation: President Obama knew about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, and lied about it. Now we know why Hillary’s Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills received blanket immunity from the FBI. She wasn’t just conducting a cover-up for Hillary Clinton; she was covering up President Obama’s involvement as well.

During hearings on the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton, GOP Senators could not understand why FBI Director James Comey gave Cheryl Mills “blanket” immunity for no good reason. This email released by WikiLeaks reveals why. President Obama lied in 2015 when he said he found out about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal from the news. He had her emails, and Cheryl Mills instigated a cover-up. With blanket immunity, Mills no longer has to testify about President Obama’s knowledge of the situation, or Hillary Clinton’s actions.  Pretty convenient, no?

Here’s the email from WikiLeaks (you can see the original here).


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