Clinton Foundation CEO Missing

The latest reports are spreading the information about the disappearance of Eric Braverman – the Clinton Foundation CEO. It is about time for someone to step up and investigate this carefully!

As reported, Eric Braverman disappeared in October, just a couple of weeks before Clinton lost the election. But why is the mass media not reporting for the disappearance of a top-level Clinton Foundation official? Maybe because his name was mentioned in an email by WikiLeaks, and he went hiding or is he a victim of Clinton’s secret action to hide something.

As The Angry Patriot reported, in a leaked email from March 2015, Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden told Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and longtime pal, John Podesta, that they had a mole within the Clinton Foundation. In his responding email, Podesta told Tanden the mole was none other than Eric Braverman.

Shortly before the emails between John Podesta and Neera Tanden had taken place, Braverman abruptly resigned as the CEO of the Clinton Foundation. Almost immediately after WikiLeaks made the emails public, the former executive completely vanished.

This not only sounds like a story in dire need of good old fashioned investigative reporting—it sounds like the makings of a television movie special. Once upon a time, a real free press would be all over the sudden disappearance of a top official who worked for a former president and a former Oval Office contender.

The last evidence of Eric Braverman being active on a public level was on October 12. He made a post to Twitter, which he reportedly did about once a month.

Braverman’s partner, Neil Brown, has reportedly not tweeted since August. The former Clinton Foundation CEO is still listed as a lecturer at Yale where he has given speeches for the past several years.

Craig Murray, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and close friend of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, claims the leaked emails from the Democrat Party were not taken by the Russians but by a disgruntled insider. Could this have been Eric Braverman, who sadly got caught up in his own behind-the-scenes whistleblowing on the Clintons?

Braverman was allegedly hired as the Clinton Foundation CEO by Chelsea Clinton, who wanted to find and clean up any corruption within the family charity. Braverman was allegedly forced out of the job by John Podesta.

Chelsea was allegedly very upset by examples of misspent funds. One example of such corruption was the more than $ 1 billion Bill Clinton raised to rebuild 100 villages in India. Reportedly, only $ 53 million was ever actually spent on the project.


Yes it doesn’t surprise any of us. There won’t be investigation because nobody has the balls to do anything to the Clinton’s, since they are escaping with everything. It won’t be the same after January 20th. Trump is about to take huge actions and investigate these criminals carefully. They all deserve jail time.