Coca Cola Is Promising $1 Million For A Healthy Replacement To Sugar

By: Luke Miller/Truth Theory  This sets a precedent for the power the consumers have to influence the behaviour of the world’s largest corporations.

Before we get into the content of this article, I just wanted to make it clear that we do not support the work of Coca Cola in any way. The health implications of the products they have created are horrendous and have shown a huge disregard for the health of their customers. In recent years there has been a huge decline in soda consumption with sales hitting a 30 year low in 2017 and Coca Cola’s profit dropping by 55%. What this shows is that consumers have the power to affect the way corporations behave with our buying decisions.

People are now becoming smart to the fact that sugar and artificial sweeteners are terrible for our health when frequently consumed and as a result, Coca cola have launched a competition offering $ 1 million dollars to whoever can create a sugar replacement.

Coca Cola launched the competition using the crowd-sourcing platform HeroX, and according to their website they are seeking “a naturally sourced, safe, low- or no-calorie compound that creates the taste sensation of sugar when used in beverages.” They have revealed that “one grand prize winner will be awarded $ 1 million in October 2018.”

Coca-Cola have already created drinks sweetened with stevia, but this has not produced the results they were hoping for. Robert Long, senior vice president and chief innovation officer at Coca-Cola, has said, that the company is pleased with the low- and no-calorie sweeteners it uses. But the company must continue to innovate “and keep looking for new beverage ingredients to meet consumers’ evolving tastes and lifestyles.”

These ideas set a precedent for consumers, showing that they have the power to change the behaviour of the largest and wealthiest corporations on the planet through our demand. This can work for the conflict minerals in our smart devices, the rainforest being cut down for resources that could be ethically and responsibly sources. The oil we continue to use, despite the renewable alternatives and the child labour that goes into many different products from our food to our clothes.

Corporations are suppliers and should we demand better alternatives, they will have no choice but to provide them! Please share this article if you agree.

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