Comey Claims He Never Said Hillary Was Truthful [Video]

Comey has defended Hillary again and again, saying that no reasonable judge would prosecute her. People have been pretty upset with Comey for not doing more to stop Hillary when she clearly broke the law. He was asked by a judge about whether or not Comey believe Hillary was honest.

“Two months ago Hillary Clinton in talking about her emails claimed that you said, and I quote, that my claims are truthful,” stated the judge. “Did you say that she was telling the truth with respect to her email claims?” Comey answered this question in a very strange way.

“I never say that about anybody,” Comey added. “Our business is never to decide whether we believe someone. Our business is always to decide what evidence do we have that would convince us not to believe that person. It’s an odd way to look at the world, but it’s how investigators look at the world,” answered Comey. What do you think of his answer? Check out the video below.