Hacker Reveals What He Was Ordered To Do To Votes

If you think that your votes are secure in the forthcoming presidential  election of 2016 do not be so sure. Back in 2000, computer programmer  Clinton “Clint” Curtis has been ordered to create an undetectable program that could overturn the results of a tight election.

Curtis testified before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee that his employer, Yang Enterprises Inc., told him, “We need to steal an election.” The program was intended for the computerized voting machines to which Florida would be transitioning starting in 2002.

You can watch the video here:

This is it, folks. Despite the liberal media’s efforts to convince us all otherwise and paint naysayers as conspiracy theorists, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is right. Rigging an election has never been easier.

The left painted Clint Curtis as a nut, a conspiracy theorist, a disgruntled ex-employee. They published photoshopped images of him wearing a tinfoil hat and did everything possible to discredit one man who was standing up for the truth.

Curtis voluntarily took a polygraph test, alleging that one of the consultants at his employer was a Chinese national and convicted spy. Yang Enterprises denied ever knowing consultant Hai Lin Nee, while in fact they had been assisting him for years in repeatedly extending his U.S. Visa.

The Florida Department of Transportation inspector investigating the ballot tampering allegations, Raymond Lemme, was found dead in an apparent suicide. Both Curtis and Lemme’s family members believe he was murdered.

In 2005, computer experts demonstrated for officials in Leon County, Florida, how simple it was to flip election results while leaving no detectable trace of their efforts.

Where is the liberal media in all this? Where are the Democrats who are supposedly so concerned with our fundamental rights?

They’re in a back room, preparing to steal an election if the people’s voice isn’t heard on Election Day.  On Nov. 8, be that decent person standing up for truth.

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