Dad Responds To Daughters New Tattoo In The Best Way

Parents reactions to their children getting tattoos can vary drastically. Some will be upset and angry at the child for inking their skin, while others won’t bat an eyelid – your body, your choice sort of thing.

And well others, others just don’t take it seriously – particularly dads.

Marie Venezia an 18-year-old art student from Pheonix, Arizona got a tattoo of a small knife on her arm.

Her dad saw the tattoo during a recent trip to the zoo and his initial reaction was to be irritated by the body art.


However he soon changed his mind and took the opportunity to tease her instead, posing with a knife on his arm.


Because that’s what dads do, right?


Twitter users have been tweeting their support of her dads reaction


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and with expressing how their dads aren’t all that dissimilar.


The story has picked up a lot of attention and gone viral.
Not surprising really as dad joke are some of the best jokes, or at least dads like to think they are anyway.