DeBlasio To Face Criminal Charges For His Fundraising Campaigns

It is still unclear how Liberal Bill De Blasio became a mayor of New York City. I guess the citizens of New York thought it would be funny to make him the mayor of the biggest city in America.

However, his term has been a disaster. Remember how he botched his relationship with the NYPD to the point where officers were turning their backs to him at a funeral?

Well, it seems that De Blasio has another problem on his hands and this problem can land him in prison.

Two grand juries in Manhattan, one federal and one state, have reportedly started hearing testimonies relating to criminal investigations connected to De Blasio’s fundraising campaigns.

According to the New York Times, these grand jury actions represent “the strongest indication” yet that indictments could be forthcoming.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara launched this federal investigation and is the person investigating whether or not De Blasio and his aides conducted political favors for donors in exchange for contributions made to his 2013 mayoral campaign.

These two investigations are part of five that were initially brought upon de Blasio and his staff and which have for the most part dealt with fundraising by the mayor and organizations that are affiliated with his office.

(H/T) Conservative 101

So, Bill De Blasio accused of pay-to-play violation huh. Well, this is no surprise. After all, he is a Democrat and they are known for these kinds of violations. Just take a look at Bill and Hillary and you will see what I am saying.

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