Dem Congressman LOSES then Threatens to “Throat-Punch” His Female Opponent

Arizona’s Democratic State Representative, Jesus Rubalcava apparently is a SORE LOSER.

Seems the Representative has been give one too many participation trophies in his life and now he has trouble functioning like a grown up.

Anger issues much?

Rubalcava, in a social media post apparently wrote a statement that he was so angered by female Republican Senator Debbie Lesko’s promotion and success over pro-school choice legislation that he wanted to hurt her.

Rubalcava wrote that he wanted to “punch her in the throat” after what he deemed as Lesko gloating over her success.

It seems the Democratic Congressman cannot take a woman succeeding over him. After all, males are far superior or something right?

Abusers always justify the abuse by accusing the victim as deserving the abuse. Rubalcava accused Ms. Lesko as “gloating” to the extent that she provoked him to violence.

It must be the womans fault right?

Once the outraged and abuse prone congressman was outed publicly for his anger issues, he suddenly remembered he was not “raised” that way.

Wait, that statement is inaccurate. Initially Rubalcava refused to apologize.

“Despite being called on it by the Arizona Capitol Times’ Hank Stephenson, Rep. Jesus Rubalcava initially declined to apologize though he told Stephenson, “If it’s such a big deal, I’ll remove it.”

Eventually, an apology was issued. He gave the “I got caught so I am sorry” kind of apology we see way too often these days. Apparently it was such a big deal.

Too little too late Congressman.

It is possible the thousands of victims of domestic violence find the comment a VERY big deal.

What if the situation were reversed?

Imagine the outrage of Democrats if the situation were reversed. If a Republican had threatened publicly to punch Senator Elizabeth Warren in her high pitched whining voicemaker, can you imagine the outrage?

There would literally be pink hats and genitalia costumes everywhere, absolutely everywhere. Marches against violence against women would sprout up on each of the coasts, while conservatives everywhere hid their faces in shame.

Wait, that level of outrage only applies when the victim is politically aligned with a specific party.

Over the last year Americans have seen liberal, AKA Democrat, sanctioned violence against Trump supporters, conservative speakers, and conservative sponsored parades and other events. Antifa considers the violence as an acceptable from of resistance. Just yesterday, there was a media blackout when Melania Trump visited ACTUAL child age victims of physical abuse. Since a Trump family member dared help ACUTAL victims of ACTUAL abuse, the visit was suddenly not newsworthy.

When liberals have been called out for promoting civil unrest, those calls go un-noticed. So, is it really a surprise that a Democratic Congressman felt he could so easily continue to act out such behavior on social media?

Now it is time for Rubalcava to be held accountable.

Rubalcava is not only an example or public figure, he is one of our lawmakers. If this is how he really feels about women who are not even close to him, imagine how he treats those closest to him.

In any other situation, Rubalcava would be terminated. Why should he be allowed to continue in his current position?

What do you think, is this situation worthy of the Congressman stepping down? Comment below.

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