You Have Between 50,000 And 70,000 Thoughts Per Day…


Pixabay Image 19329It is also a fantastic variety of ideas to be having; yet, our heads are so smart that they ‘filter’ these ideas so that we retain just the significant ones. This is known in NLP as DDG: Deleting, generalizing and distorting.

Do our thoughts that are incredible do that?

Well just because we actually could not manage processing so many ideas in a day! (A bit like e-mails when you get back from vacation), we had all be a bit frazzled and had hair that looks like the scientist from the film Back to The Future (a whole generalization on my part…did you see?)

I learned a good deal about ideas when I trained to become an NLP practitioner and our minds work. Additionally, I tried a good deal to see if the principles I’d learned worked…as with everything if you need to get good at the things you learn…you have to keep practicing!

The ideas which make it through the filtering system are those whom I need to talk about today…are you checking out your ideas and the position they take? You may have a mix of inquisitive, positive and negative ideas.

We do have a choice about the ideas we choose to amuse and how they shape our day…even our lives.

In the words of Eckhart Tolle:

“The main source of unhappiness is never the scenario, but the ideas about it, know about the ideas you’re thinking.”

In miserable, tough situation or when we’ve had the worst news …someone will always say the words “remain positive” or “think positively.” This can be quite annoying sometimes, and I know a buddy of mine who gets F****d off when she learns that ….yes she’s no issues making that understood either! All quite amusing if you’re not the receiver of her perspective on that phrase!

Yet…positive thinking does work, and there’s now SCIENTIFIC evidence of this… TA DAH!!!

I believe that how we use our mind and the ideas we have, is strong enough to alter the course of our lives… I believe that, and I analyze this on a continuous basis. It’s possible for you to imagine my delight once I discovered that there as in fact scientific proof of favorable words thoughts…at that point I probably did seem a bit like the scientist from Back to The Future…and believe me, with my hair…it is not a sight you need to see.

Another thing I learned about the head is that it’s many mechanisms in the position to shield us, it acts as our protector, a perfect example is when you injure yourself, you do not feel the pain for a while…this is known as going into shock…that is your head shielding you. We go through life generalizing and deleting, distorting our experiences and observations. What you delete, distort and generalize is determined by what you’ve previously experienced in as a kid and the principles and beliefs which were instilled in you from youth…pretty complicated things to keep up with but our thoughts are amazing!!

In case you have a negative idea or you get up and believe: “aarrghh…another day that appears that it is going to be challenging!!!” the chances are it’ll be…we bring negative energy because your head believes that is what you need (really apt!) and so that is what you get (even more intelligent!).

Alter your ideas…that is my point…why not try this today:

STOP, if you’ve got a negative idea!! Now look at it from a favorable perspective…make it a favorable idea, keep doing that on a regular basis until it becomes second nature and notice things around you shift…from the way, others react to you to the manner your day goes in general.

When I was training as an NLP practitioner one of my experiments was to find myself for a week. I found on the days where I got up and did not feel 100%…this was revealed in my ideas and in the manner I carried myself…on those days people’s responses towards me were either cold or occasionally totally impolite! Easy jobs became a challenge for me and the entire day was only a downward spiral because that is what I told my head…through my idea.

Usually, I am a fairly happy man, and I find this energy brings positive things, folks will speak to me, grin, and the day goes by swimmingly with some encounters that are extremely pleasant. So now when I wake up not feeling 100% (and this is just human, so let it); I make sure I purposely alter my state by thinking positive ideas and carrying myself to reveal that positivity….and you know what? I feel better, and I get favorable replies from other. Oh and you understand all this avowal that everyone goes on around?


Well… it works for all the reasons I simply gave you.

Now do not go mad smiling at everyone that walks past you….be yourself, your greatest, most relaxed, in the ‘joyful zone’ self and see the magic happen…that is correct I am a believer in magic…open your head does not reign it in simply because that is what is expected of you…go forth and do your experiments to demonstrate this claim.

So away you believe joyful, confident, inspiring ideas and go!

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