Creepy Surprise Hidden In Hillary’s “Steve Harvey” Interview?

Did You See The Creepy Surprise Hidden In Hillary’s “Steve Harvey” Interview? Look Closely, It Went Viral [Video]

We all know that Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a big phony. This rich establishment fraud carefully stages every moment of her public life so that people will never see her “real” self.

This was proven when she showed up for an interview on The Steve Harvey Show. Guess what? The entire thing was stage.

Hillary Clinton did a pretty good job of making it seem like the interview was off the cuff. According to a memo that was just leaked, however, it turns out Hillary had access to all the questions Harvey was going to ask beforehand. Steve showed Hillary a photo of her at age 12 which she pretended to be stunned to see. Said Hillary with mock surprise, “Oh boy, oh my goodness.”

According to the leak, assistants provided Hillary with a memo before the show that said: “YOUR time at the studio will be divided into five segments. We pitched the show on having YOU and Steve discuss gun violence and faith, two issues YOU both care deeply about. We coordinated closely with the show’s producers on the script and format of the show.” Do you think Hillary’s debates are staged, too? Watch the video below: