Donald Trump Jr Drops Epic Truths

Last evening was the last of the three presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and probably the last time these two ever spend time in the same room. Personally speaking, I believe that Trump once again won the debate big time. But one of the interesting things happened after the debate.VIA Yes I’m Right

After, Donald Trump Jr. talked to Sean Hannity and absolutely unloaded on the liberals and their inability to tell the truth to the American people. He talked about the double standard that exists between liberals and conservatives and took the libs to task in what can only be described as the best post-debate interview of this entire election.

He exposes exactly what is wrong with the media and this whole process. Every single time Donald Trump has said something, everyone reacts in a negative manner without even thinking about how that policy or ideology could help the country.

In my opinion, everything Trump Jr. said is true. Do you agree with his comments?

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