Dr. Ben Carson Just Exposed The Truth About Trump’s Leaked Audio

16635957336_eb48b84689_Ben-CarsonDr. Ben Carson Just Exposed The Truth About Trump’s Leaked Audio That Every Voter Needs To Hear

Dr. Ben Carson is always the voice of reason and has proven to be that voice time and time again throughout this election. Dr. Carson weighed in on the comments made by Donald Trump in 2005 that were discovered via leaked audio and it’s something every American needs to realize.

Here’s what Dr. Ben Carson had to say…

From Ben Carson:

“The recent disclosure of lewd conversations Donald Trump had over a decade ago has caused some disillusionment among GOP stalwarts and conservative voters. In no way do I condone Trump’s behavior – in fact, I condemn any form of disrespect towards women. We should always honor and respect the dignity of our mothers, sisters, and daughters. Even though the incident happened ten years ago, well before Trump entered the political arena, this behavior is unacceptable, especially by someone who aspires to higher office. Trump did the right thing in immediately and unequivocally apologizing.

I feel fairly certain that the progressives have had a knowledge of this conversation for a long time and dropped it at this point in time in an effort too obscure the release of damaging information about Hillary Clinton and her desire for open borders. I believe that they have more material that they will release periodically up until the election to keep a negative focus on Donald Trump. They do not want to discuss the vital issues that are destroying our nation and the future of our children because they do not have logical solutions and offer more of the same that has gotten us into this precarious situation.

Those of us who do not want to see America fundamentally devolve into something worse must be wise enough to recognize the scheme that is being played out here. We must demand not only that the issues be discussed but also that we make our decisions based on issues and not on personalities or decade old statements and behavior by Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The political elites and their loyal media are desperate because they see the large, enthusiastic crowds for Donald Trump and the meager crowds for Hillary Clinton, and they know that there will be a huge enthusiasm gap on election day.

The question is; will the political elites of both parties succeed in continuing their reign of fiscal irresponsibility and military weakness or will the people understand what is going on and will they be wise enough to thwart those efforts?”

Well said, Dr. Carson.

Anyone paying attention at all can see that this is simply a stunt orchestrated by Hillary and her puppets to derail Trump at the right time during the election. There is virtually zero chance that this information about Trump was just discovered. It was planned for months.

However, if Julian Assange keeps his promise about releasing election-altering information on Hilary in the coming days, this Trump ruckus will hardly be a blip on the radar.

Photo by Gage Skidmore