Drone crashes into Boeing plane coming into land at Mozambique airport

A drone has ripped a series of holes in the nose of a passenger plane as it came in to land in Mozambique.

Crew members heard a loud bang, but thought the aircraft had collided with a bird.

It was only during an examination that the extent of the damage was revealed, and pictures reveal the side of the plane was battered by the drone.

Reports in Mozambique state that the mystery object was a drone, although an update by airline LAM Mozambique Airlines describes it simply as an ‘external body’.


A spokesman for the Drone Manufacturers Alliance told USA Today:

‘Nevertheless, we take these reports seriously, and our member companies stand ready to offer assistance to Mozambique’s aviation authorities as they investigate this incident.


‘Our members are investing heavily in technology and features that enhance safety and help avoid collisions, and we work hard to educate users about safe operations.’