Drone Racing At Night Looks Like A Real Life Video Game

Drones are becoming more popular following countless amounts of footage capturing beautiful views from unreachable heights. It’s not just sightseers who are buying drones; they’re also used to race against each other.

GoPro, who specialize in making versatile cameras, released footage of an intense drone race yesterday. The course is shaped in a figure of eight that is constructed by glowing checkpoints and corners. The drones also have bright lights to make it easier for spectators to see them. The first person view from this video does give off an intentional gaming vibe.

GoPro award winner Tony Thompson used his drone to finish second in this heated race after a couple of dodgy turns cost him a potential first place.

These racing drones move at an astonishing 70mph to add pace and excitement to every race.  These speeds replicate famous video games like Wipeout and F-Zero along with the scoring visuals added to the video. The racers use video goggles to get the first person view that can be watched by others on a live feed. Sadly the video feeds give out grainy quality; if it’s filmed in high definition it causes the stream to lag.

There’s even a professional racing league for drone racing that aims to be as popular as Formula 1 and Moto GP.  The Drone Racing League is being funded by a number of companies and celebrities with their biggest investor Stephen Ross, owner of Miami Dolphins, pumping in one million dollars into the league.  With the amount of financial support and growing fanbase, expect these races to be on your TV screens in the next few years