‘Environmentalist Protesters’ SET FIRES to Dakota Access Pipeline Camp

Dakota Access Pipeline protesters facing eviction today from their camp are burning it down.

The protesters, who gathered to bring light to the environmental impact of the oil pipeline, are failing to see the irony of burning down their camp.

The governor of North Dakota had set a deadline of 2:00 p.m. today for protesters at the Standing Rock camp to clear out. Rather than see their camp bulldozed by the government, they are choosing to poison the air by burning it.

The protesters were ordered to leave over concerns of their own environmental impact on the area. Their camp on the banks of the Missouri River produced tons of waste with nowhere to put it. Government officials were afraid that upcoming rains would send all the waste into the Missouri River.

Dakota Access Pipeline protest

The Dakota Access Pipeline protest began to bring attention to the environmental impact of the Keystone pipeline to the area. However, the environmental impact of thousands of protesters in a shantytown on the area has been far greater.

Local police are offering to bus out protesters without being arrested. They are also offering to hold “ceremonial” arrests of any remaining protesters, for those who want to post on social media that they were arrested at the protests.

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