EPIC: Even CNN Is Mocking Democrats for Having No Leadership (VIDEO)

The Democratic party is in serious trouble if their own dedicated news network, CNN, is starting to mock them for their overall lack of competence.

NTK Network reported:

A CNN panel on Inside Politics on Friday mocked Democrats for their lack of leadership, even laughing at one point at the division between DNC Chair Tom Perez and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

“We spent a lot of time earlier on the program on the Republicans having a hard time getting the governing act together,” host John King said. “The Democrats have their own set of dysfunction and disarray.”

The panel watched a clip of Sanders doing a joint interview with Perez. Sanders, while sitting right next to Perez, denied that he is a Democrat.

King then chuckled and waved his hands as he pointed out the irony of Sanders campaigning to rebuild the Democratic Party while not actually being a Democrat.

“Their auditions are open,” The Daily Beast‘s Jackie Kucinich said. “And you are seeing some of these folks, particularly in the Senate – Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, for example, Kristen Gillibrand. They are auditioning. There are books coming out.”

“No one writes books for their health,” Kucinich added.

Absolutely hilarious!

(Image: Screenshot)

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