Eric Bolling Trolls Disloyal GOPs

abFox News host Eric Bolling is livid at disloyal Republicans who pretend to be conservative, but in truth are actually helping the Democrat elect a career criminal with hate in her heart and a head full of insane leftist policy ideas.

Said Bolling in a sternly-worded message to Never Trumpers, “It’s time to step up to the plate GOP. Time to unite not divide… It’s just days until the election and so many conservative values hang in the balance.”

He added, “We all know the differences we all have with each other but there’s one thing we all have in common…We are conservatives and Hillary Clinton is not! From the Supreme Court through the federal judicial system and on down to the lower courts.”

“Hillary will bake that cake with liberal judges. So, I am now challenging the 2016 GOP candidates, who cared so much for our country, that they ran for president.”

He then named every named all the former Republican nominees, and stated, “…will you step up to the plate and get behind the GOP for the good of the country and the good of the party? There are millions of us hoping you do.” Do you think they will change their minds before it’s too late?”