Eric Bolling Uncovered PROOF She’s A Terrorist Accomplice [Details]

10-13-2016-1-17-07-pmEric Bolling Uncovered PROOF From Hillary’s Email Leaks That She’s A Terrorist Accomplice [Details]

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is in deep trouble after Wikileaks released thousands more of the emails that she tried to acid-wash. In this emails is damning evidence of her many crimes, some of which had global implications for Americans.

Through Wikileaks’ latest release, we were finally able to see her infamous Goldman Sachs speeches. In these speeches, liar Hillary actually said her crook Goldman Sachs banker friends that they had shouldered far too much blame for the 2008 financial crisis. How sick is that!

Eric Bolling and his team took the time to sift carefully through the emails. Announced Bolling on The Five, “There are even more ne WikiLeaks revelations. In 2014, Hillary sent an e-mail to her Campaign Chairman John Podesta saying, ‘Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS.’ And the leaked e-mails also show Clinton’s staff debated how much outrage she should show lawmakers over Benghazi at her 2015 Capitol Hill hearing. K.G., they have lots — it’s like 4,000 e-mails in the last couple of days.” Does it get any more disgusting than this? Saudia Arabia gave her personal “charity” the Clinton Foundation $ 35 million dollars, and now in her emails we have proof she knew Saudi Arabia was funding ISIS. Do you think Hillary Clinton is as bad as the terrorists?