Eric Trump SLAMS Bill Clinton’s Controversial History With Women With Savage Comment

Eric Trump SLAMS Bill Clinton’s Controversial History With Women With Savage Comment

GOP candidate Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, likes to send Hillary Clinton and all those who follow and supporter a message, the very same people that blamed Trump that he was a sexist pig.

“It’s amazing when you hear her talk about sexism and these various claims, which are ridiculous,” he said Wednesday on conservative commentator Sean Hannity’s radio program, “aside from obviously Bill, her husband, being maybe the worst that’s ever lived.”

“You can’t live one way in your private life and then speak differently in your public life,” he added, as reported byBuzzFeed. “I think that very much goes to my father’s point, Sean, which is, you better start practicing what you preach.”

The full interview can be heard below:

Eric had a point. The Clintons and their supporters have been excoriating his father for having criticized a former model of his 20 years ago after she gained some weight. Even worse, they have been acting as if their defense of this sketchy woman made them champions of women.

That might have been true were it not already known that former President Bill Clinton was an serial adulterer and alleged sexual assaulter. What he did to some women, particularly Juanita Broaddrick, who claimed he raped her in 1978, was simply reprehensible.

Earlier this month, one of the victims’ former colleagues Norma Rogers revealed what she saw when she found Broaddrick in her hotel room after Bill Clinton had allegedly raped her.

“She was crying,” she said. “The thing I think I remember most is that her mouth was all swollen up. It was cut … Her pantyhose were all ripped.”

If Donald Trump was sexist and discriminatory towards women, something that many people found ridiculous, then he is no match to Bill Clinton, and Hillary was the one that obviously approved of such attitude, but later on singled out his victims.

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