Hillary Tells People at Church to Love Each Other (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton went to a Baptist Church on Sunday to pander to the same Christians her party regularly insults for their supposedly backwards views on things like faith, family and God.

She also told people to love each other. We have to wonder if her command applies to the people she regularly calls racist, sexist, xenophobic, irredeemable deplorables.

Breitbart reports:

‘Love One Another’ Hillary Clinton Preaches at Baptist Church in North Carolina

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton went to church and delivered a sermon about the upcoming election and the problems with racism in America.

“We are asked to love one another. We are not just urged, we are commanded,” she said. “Jesus said it was the greatest of his commandments.”

Clinton said that she once taught Sunday school, teaching students to love their neighbor as themselves.

Here’s the video:

At the same event, she had the nerve to say this:


If we really respected the law in this country, wouldn’t Hillary already be in jail?