BOYCOTT TOM HANKS After What He Just Did To Trump…

It’s always bad when someone you like makes a bad thing. Political background has never been important when it comes to people’s morals, but sometimes things go out of control. If you are a huge fan of Tom Hanks, you’ll definitely stop watching his movies. I’m really disappointed. Wonder why?

Being a liberal is something we can hardly digest, but doing what Tom did is absolutely unforgivable. He did something we’ll never forget and forgive. His last act got things out of control. I’m definitely not watching his movies ever again.

Via Liberty Writers News

The once great actor went on SNL and SHILLED FOR HILLARY! 

First, he helped them stage a totally bogus version of the 1st debate where they made Donald Trump look awful and Hillary Clinton look like the second coming of Jesus Christ:

And if you thought that was bad, then you gotta see the second “skit” Hanks performed where the goal was CLEARLY to mock Donald Trump supporters.

You see, most of this skit is pretty likable. Everyone is getting along, showing how much we have in common, and then in the last 15 seconds it gets DIRTY…

I’m done with Tom Hanks movies. You should do so, too. America doesn’t need people like him. He could be the best actor on Earth, but this is something we can’t get over. Share this, and let’s all unite.

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