Fast Food Chain Bans Alcohol-Based Hand-Wipes So Muslim Wont Be Offended


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A stunned KFC customer was refused a sanitary hand wipes after workers told him it may offend other eaters MUSLIM eaters, that is.

Graham Noakes was stunned when staff said they could not provide him with a wipe because they are soaked in alcohol which is banned in Islam.

The 41-year-old at first thought he was the victim of a prank by staff at the Leicester, England location but KFC bosses confirmed the policy was genuine, the Mirror reported.

He said: They told me it might offend other customers. I explained that it wouldnt affect me. In fact I told them I like alcohol, so it wouldnt bother me in the slightest. When they wouldnt give me one, I was disgusted. I will never be going to KFC again.

The father-of-two added: Ive never experienced anything like this before, I couldnt believe it. Why shouldnt I be allowed a wipe for my hands? They use wipes in hospital, what happens when we start being told we cant have wipes there? I just cant understand it.

Graham, who lives in Birmingham, is working in Leicester on the construction of a new Muslim community center in Highfields.

In other words, he is helping to build housing for the spread of more such insults to non-Muslims in the future.

And all this despite the fact that there is no such ban on alcohol in Islam just the consumption of it. Muslim hospitals dont ban rubbing alcohol to disinfect wounds, for example. The entire policy is ridiculous even from a Muslim perspective. But that isnt the point. KFC should be ashamed for permitting Sharia supremacism like this at its restaurants.

This was the second such incident in just a few weeks at so-called Halal-only branches of KFC where all pork products are banned, and which only serve meat slaughtered while an Imam recites Muslim prayers.

Two weeks ago, I reported on another KFC branch, in Sydney, Australia, in which a woman ordering bacon added to her meal was cursed at and threatened with violence by an enraged Muslim worker.

Think this cant happen in America, the land of the free? Youd be wrong. There are at least 2 KFCs in Dearborn, MI that are halal.

And Muslims in America are demanding Sharia law be enforced on non-Muslims wherever they live.

Some recent examples of this reported on Top Right News in just the past 2 months:

  • Muslim cab drivers and Subway franchise managers have kicked out disabled customers with guide dogs.
  • Muslim refugees on welfare demanding Sharia Law-compliant food banks.
  • Company surrendered to the complaint of a single Muslim to remove an ad for bacon.
  • Man ordered to remove an American flag because it was offensive to Muslims.

If you are outraged by KFCs enabling Sharia fanatics to discriminate against non-Muslim customers, you can let them know here, or at 800-225-5532.