Felon Who Organized Violence at Trump Rallies Visited White House 342 Times

Video evidence of an undercover investigation has surfaced showing that there has been organised violence against Donald Trump rallies. Interestingly enough Trump was blamed for the violence. Oh, and the person responsible visits the white house regularly.

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How can ANYONE deny that the DNC, Obama and the Clinton campaign are all coordinating efforts? How does a scumbag like this Robert Creamer, who acted as a middle man between the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee and “protesters” at Trump’s rallies visit the White House 342 times since 2009? That’s more than Obama has met with any advisors at any level including probably his Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Robert Creamer, is a known Chicago political operative known for his organization called Mobilize. Creamer’s organization is about organizing grassroots . Of course, he’s also known for his criminal record and pleading guilty to federal check kiting in 1996 which was connected to Illinois Citizens Action.

What do Obama, Hillary and Robert Creamer have in common? Dirty politics, community organizing and Chicago.


Donald Trump was ABSOLUTELY right! The DNC, Obama, the Clinton campaign and Creamer’s Democracy Patners are all “in bed” together and have been coordinating efforts along with the media to portray Donald Trump as the one who incites violence.   When in fact Creamer has been a contracted political operative and since June has been paid $ 42,000/month. What’s Creamer’s defense?

Creamer told the Sun-Times, “The Obama White House has regular meetings of progressive organizations every week. Lots of people go, including me.

Ok, who’s buying that BS? Not me.

We all know he’s been meeting with Obama and Obama’s staff on a regular basis to discuss message and strategy and how to take down Donald Trump in the press and incite violence at Trump’s rallies. Creamer has worked not only with Obama, but also with Hillary.

In the Project Veritas video, Creamer says he is part of a daily call with the Clinton campaign “to go over the focuses that need to be undertaken.”

Does the Democratic Party, Obama and Hillary really think ALL Americans are THAT dumb or just Democrats?

This is Chicago style politics at it’s best, don’t you think? Al Capone is probably smiling down at them and probably saying “nice work”.

Creamer said recently he is “stepping back” on his role within the Clinton campaign because he doesn’t want it to be a distraction from Clinton winning the election. What he really means is, he doesn’t want to have the REAL truth in the news! The real truth being – DNC, Clinton, Obama and political operatives like Creamer have all been working together to destroy Donald Trump and help Hillary win the election – at any costs.

Here’s the video that led to Creamer “stepping back” and Foval resigning:

Remember Hillary’s line “When they go low, we go high”? I guess what she really meant to say was doing THESE kinds of things, lying and playing dirty politics – that’s the highest she’ll ever go. Clinton doesn’t know HOW to go high. She has no principles or ethics. Hillary Clinton is all about winning at ANY COST even if that means inciting violence at rallies and “rigging elections”.

And I “guaran-damn-tee you…they all talk to each other”…..

Hillary can deny these videos and facts all she wants, but these videos speak the truth about her, her campaign, Obama and the DNC. This is Chicago style poltics at it’s finest. It’s UNETHICAL and it’s ILLEGAL! But let’s face it…who’s really going to go after her? Not the DOJ. Not the FBI. Certainly not even Obama.

Screwed again Focker!


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