From Rock Climbing to Hiking to Everyday Life – THIS is the MUST HAVE Product!

Do you find yourself halfway through the day searching desperately for a charging cable for your phone? Do you panic and get frustrated when you realize you’re at 1% battery life? Now you can eliminate that frustration Nomad!

Nomad Carabiner is the ultimate 2-in-1 accessory! It’s a stylish carabiner that’s made for the roughest excursions and strongest holds while also conveniently holding your keys. Plus, it has a built in charger that is discreet and easy to use! You just plug it into your computer and out comes the charger head for your phone – it works with both Apple and Android products!

This cool little device is perfect for people on the go who can’t leave without their keys because hey, wherever their keys go, their charger goes.  If you want to eliminate your phone charging issues, check out Nomad now! Nomadclip Lightning To USB Carabiner Clip for Apple Devices